Floralis Brutalis. 3d printed Rosebud garters.

Floralis Brutalis. 3d printed rosebud garters. In gold plated steel. As lovely and tough as these look, they are comfortable. I’m selling these as individual garters, leg decoration or even leg jewelery if you like, but you can always get a pair if you need a pair.

This has been a while in the coming, I’ve been planning it for a couple of years. I finally learnt a program to build in 3d, and about to learn more. We still do all the sewing here, though I personally might not do all the sewing, I like doing the 3d building a lot. So this a combination of 3d and handmade. 3d prints are actually hand finished too, they don’t really pop out of the machine all “done”.

New styles will come in a style at a time until there’s a nice selection. Stay tuned for some sock garters and completely different things as well. Feel free to write us with any questions, I know there have been a lot of changes including shipping costs. I’m always happy to hear feedback and suggestions.

And thank you very much for your patience all these months without product, all those endless flower posts MY GOD. And finally, some more garters.

Model Tusia.

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