Shop closed temporarily until post situation resolved. With a P.S. about new items, a summer sale and fall stuff too.

Just a quick note to say that we have temporarily closed the SWANclothing shop until the Canada Post strike is resolved. Very sorry for any inconvenience. If you urgently need to place an order there are alternatives for shipping, feel free to contact us with any questions. If you already have an order in with us that is affected by the postal strike we will be contacting you. Thank you very much for your patience at this time.

P.S. Apart from that, new items are still going up on the SWANclothing blog, and will be made available in the shop a.s.a.p. Also, as promised, there is a small summer sale in the works, hang tight for that. Fall is coming together too, rather excited about fall.

Best to you all and xo.

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5 Responses to Shop closed temporarily until post situation resolved. With a P.S. about new items, a summer sale and fall stuff too.

  1. camilou says:

    hope the strike doesn’t affect shop action too much… and looking forward to seeing sales and new stuff! i’m praying for a new job soon, which means my one year unemployment stint is almost over and i can actually buy things again… btw any totes in the future? i still kick myself for never have gotten a flower-print one… or a swan one…

  2. Tara says:

    Alo camilou! I hope you are all rested up and better. I do wish the strike would be over soon, it’s awkward to say the least but I’m working with it. Actually I have totes ready to load on the blog. And some other goodies. And… and… more totes for fall. All are quietly and minimally romantic I think you could say. So one way or another you’ll still be able to get your hands on one after your little break there and my little break here. Best to you.

  3. camilou says:

    YES! awesome news about the totes… and the new ones you just posted about look gorgeous! looking forward to owning one sometime soon. xo

  4. knitgirl says:

    hey people. Lockout. Different than a strike. Also…’s over.
    : )

    Send yer wares here and there…… xx

  5. Tara says:

    Hey you :) How come your comment makes me so happy? Ok, yes, I have re-opened, thank you for the boost and I mean that. Wasn’t it a strike initially? My store is like SO OPEN! xo to you

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