Meanwhile in Vancouver…

I wasn’t going to make this a blog that followed my life like my SwanDiamondRose blog did a bit, as in wanderings and daily life. But it seems silly now that it’s spring, and there is actually light instead of endless gloomy rain and grey skies. I really love the gloom a lot, and the paleness in me cringes at the sun until I start to melanin up a bit. It’s just kind of gorgeous here and I find it a strange town too, Vancouver, so I’m going to share. I’m near the ocean and as beautiful as that is it’s now more than ever a bit scary in it’s massiveness and willfullness. Vancouver often feels like a lost place to me, on the edge of North America, an in between. A strange combination of elements? I have no idea really. But the food is good, the air is breathable, the flowers bloom early, then explode lushly and the motorcycles come out in spring.

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4 Responses to Meanwhile in Vancouver…

  1. knitgirl says:

    …and the boys on motorcycles come out in spring…..oh yes, I see them too. : )

  2. Tara says:

    Is it weird that I wasn’t thinking about the boys on them? I just love the noise of motorcycles. Maybe because you can never see anyone’s faces when they ride.

  3. knitgirl says:

    maybe it’s me who has the issues… spring fever et al….. : )

  4. Tara says:

    Ok, I admit, I do check but you just can’t see anything much. It’s usually the women bikers who you can actually see at all. Long hair that hangs below a helmet and tighter clothes. Men are all there with their beards and sunglasses and piles of usually baggy clothes and what the heck is that all about? There is a growing skinny jean faction of biker boys, or scooter boys really, which is nice. I always notice women bikers too because they are still a bit rare. No matter what, I’m like cooooool.

    Maybe we should hang out one day and just scope bikers. I sent you an email ladykins!

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