“Miscellaneous fancy work.” From the Project Gutenberg eBook of Encyclopedia of Needlework.

Too beautiful not to share. I’ve been looking at a lot of soutache work lately which brought me to “Miscellaneous fancy work” from the Project Gutenberg eBook of Encyclopedia of Needlework.

Knotted cord. These hands are so lovely.

Knotted cord, the finished product.

The most scientific depiction of pom pom making I have ever seen.Tambour work. Which is what? “—Since the introduction of the sewing machine, by means of which this charming kind of embroidery can be so quickly and easily executed, it has somewhat gone out of favour. As however, the fine patterns with a good deal of shading in them, can be far more accurately worked by hand than by machine, tambouring, which is in point of fact merely a form of crochet, has lately been revived.” I love the see thru effect.And my super favourite, and the reason I went on this search in the 1st place. Alphabet in soutache. “—This alphabet, which is one of the best of its kind, was taken from a work published in Venice in 1662, by Giovan’ Antonio Tagliente, secretary and calligraphist to the Republic.” “The sewing on of the braid is done with very small running stitches and the interlacing with a tapestry needle, into which the braid is threaded…”

The letter T!

And the beautiful grand finale, the whole alphabet…

There’s much more on the page and of course much much more in the Project Gutenberg.

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5 Responses to “Miscellaneous fancy work.” From the Project Gutenberg eBook of Encyclopedia of Needlework.

  1. Great post thanks for sharing! What a wonderful art

  2. Tara says:

    Hi guys :) thanks!

  3. Hey! You haven’t been around the bloggy world much lately – I hope this means the real life world is full of inspiration and love and various other enjoyable distractions! :D
    I didn’t actually get a picture of the butterfly, it flew by too quickly for me to even grab my camera. So my post heading was a little misleading I guess – I just wanted to record that first sighting somewhere :)

  4. Tara says:

    Ugh I just saw this! I’ve been working on spring and filling orders. And seem to be mainly on twitter. But my blog is set to have more postings now, and spring will start rolling out. You know it’s odd but I don’t have a well set up way to follow my favourite blogs. My google reader got so full that everyone gets lost now. I have to sort that out.

    I’m glad that that butterfly is somewhere :) I was looking through all the photos for it. We have tons of birds chirping but haven’t seen any butterflies yet.

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