What? is? in? the? box?

What? is? in? the? box?

Hopefully spring is in the box. Lace. There are a lot more laces, including an amazing mint deco number and houndstooth too. The houndstooth isn’t lace but it’s really nice. I was very happy to find it. Not much of a reveal here. I mean you all know I like lace. Mainly I love this box and what I have figured out I will make with all this.And I have a little announcement about black and white striped elastic. It is always the simplest things that are hardest to find. And after a year, I found some! The stripes are wider than last time and it’s really nice. So for those of you who have written this past year and inquired, well I have it, and it will be in the store soon. If you are really jonesing for it, let me know and we can figure out a custom order.

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4 Responses to What? is? in? the? box?

  1. Eline says:

    Yay! Just the other hour I saw lots of these lace things on the flee market and it instantly made me think of you! :D

    By the way, remember when I told you I’d lost my swanclothing sock garters? I’ve relocated them, yay! So happy, just sharing my excitement with you :D

  2. camilou says:

    i love this box too! you have such a keen and unique eye for things, i really want to sit down with you and just chat about so many things… xo

  3. Tara says:

    Hi Eline! It’s so funny because I don’t think of myself as being into lace, and I am obviously am so in to lace! Lace and elastic. Piles of it. I’m so glad you found them :) I hear a few sock garter tragedies. Sock garter tragedies are no good!

    Hi camilou! Thanks. I can’t completely take credit for it because my family has this stuff lying around and I can just borrow it, but I definitely love it. It’s a box for a scale. There is a hole to attach it on the bottom and you close up the box and weigh things. That sounds great, I’d love to chat one day :)

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