It’s a fireside chat with SWANclothing…

I kind of miss calling myself SwanDiamondRose, sometimes it feels like I cut off all my hair or something and now I’m just… Tara. But that’s okay. I still like roses and swans and fake diamonds too.

I just wanted to catch you up with what’s going on around here. I’m getting to the end of sewing my orders from the lalala sale and pre-holiday orders. So the store is in vacation mode, even though I’m not at all.

I’ll be re-opening early in the new year, and will start off with a sale. Those endlessly hinted at new items will be in there. And… I do believe I’ll be doing it all in a new shop. New year, new shop, it feels right.

My friend V sent me this video this past year, I think it’s my favourite song of the year. Watch it if you like flying white Cinderalla chariots and 80s french new wave pop. Thank you V. I don’t post a lot of “miscellaneous beauty” on this blog so much these days. It pretty much takes all of me to create, shoot and make new things for my shop. But I am infatuated with my Tumblr and that’s where my miscellaneous beauty posts are really going. Thanks to all my lovely friends for all their postings, and sharings, and comments, and fly by night whatevers. You are all the best company out here. As always, xo from me.

Image courtesy of Cornell University Library.

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3 Responses to It’s a fireside chat with SWANclothing…

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  2. kara says:

    Tumblr is fun! I like yours a lot.

  3. Tara says:

    I am so addicted. And thanks! That’s weird I thought I was following you. Well I am now! Aren’t those hairstyles amazing? We both have enough hair to do them. I’m not very good with the styled but loose thing. I always do things so tight.

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