A breather? Hints of hints to come.

Not really a breather but I’ve been a little quiet online for the past few days. The lalalacoupon sale went really well, thank you to all, and I think I am recuperating a little. Which only means I am filling orders and doing all those things I do. And trying in vain to get my next new items posted!

I haven’t been so good at hinting at this next item. Here’s something I’m NOT making but it’s in the same family…

Pretty spiffy. From the site Gotham Patterns.

Stay tuned chums.

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2 Responses to A breather? Hints of hints to come.

  1. sarah says:

    i haven’t been on tumblr much but i hope you’re making i tie or a collar! i’m addicted to them! they’re like clothing jewelry! exclamation! emphasis!

  2. Tara says:

    i think you are hot on the track! i just need a moment to get them out. sort of in meltdown from sewing so much.

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