SWANclothing Pony Garters…

I’m so proud of these new garters. Horses in real life actually scare me. After being bitten by one as a child, and meeting a relative’s race horses- midnight black, I swear 8 feet tall, bloodshot eyes, and high strung though beautiful. But my horse and equestrian love from afar is ever present in my wardrobe, so I made these.  The SWANclothing Pony Garters in black or brown can be worn as sock garters or thigh high garters. The Pony Garters are adjustable with sliding jewellery quality hardware and the rather gorgeous sidebuckle works too. As always I use recycled leather. They look very smart on. Are fun to put on. And are beautiful with crisp white shirts, tweeds, velvets, denim and more. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Thanks for looking. Visit the Pony Garters in my SWANclothing shop.

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11 Responses to SWANclothing Pony Garters…

  1. knitgirl says:

    oh my!

    gidde up indeed!!!!

  2. Swan says:

    you’re awesome

  3. kara says:

    My mother has the same fear because she was bit too. These are amazing, the craftmenship looks flawless!

  4. Swan says:

    Really? I think I’ve only talked to one other person who was bitten. Maybe it happens more often than I thought? It was kind of awful. Thanks so much about my work Kara!! I am really happy with them.

  5. sarah says:

    they are GOOOOOORGOOOOOOOOOOUS!!!!! i had such a hard time keeping my big trap shut after seeing them! you are so inspiring lady!

  6. Marieke says:

    You can almost never go wrong with equine imagery. I agree that it’s likely their intimidating nature that makes them so alluring. I also love that you use recycled leather. :) :) :)

  7. Swan says:

    hey sarah! so glad you like them here too. i never show anything to anyone beforehand, afterwards i was like- cat! out! of! bag! but i am very dramatic in my mind. there’s more to come too!

    hi Marieke! so funny going to your blog and seeing Sarah. thanks so much about the pony garters! i’m definitely into just using recycled leather even if it is harder to source.

  8. sarah says:

    no worries, T. i generally let folks let their own kitties out of their own kitty containers. i’m not much of a story breaker. AND i’m super excited to see what’s next!

  9. Eline says:

    Oh wow, I am so very much in love with these! I seriously can’t wait what else you’ll come up with and I don’t think I even care about the price and maybe want to collect all of your garters by now? But I’ll have to come up with some funds first though that gives me time to ponder what I love most (difficult).

  10. Swan says:

    where are my manners? i thought i had commented back to all of you.

    sarah- xo! and more of that xo

    hannah- thank you!!!

    and Eline! i’m super happy you like these too. i would love that of course, the collecting thing. well i hope i can keep you interested with the new things coming :)

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