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  1. *waves* All updated!
    I really like the logo/banner, it looks so – well, just so right. It’s almost like the swan picture is a letter that starts the word.

    • Swan says:

      yey! my 1st comment. nice to see you here elle! i’m so glad you like the banner. it felt kind of right to me too. and i made everything lego big so it looks nice on iPhones etc too. making the swan the s is definitely something i will do some day, i’ve tried it but couldn’t get it right. nice to see you!

  2. Eline says:

    OMG YAY. I was just about to order some sock garters but I think I’ll hold on for the adjustable ones! …if I manage to restrain myself that is :D

  3. Swan says:

    Hi Eline! I want to get these ones up in the next few days. Just have to edit the photos. I’m pretty excited too. And very glad you are interested!

  4. This is amazing! So chic.

  5. Swan says:

    You are sweet!

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  7. Love the silver heavy-grip !
    Sexy & class !
    x x x

  8. Swan says:

    thanks mathyld! I’m so glad you like them!

  9. Eline says:

    Eek! I love them! Must seriously have some but you’ll be uploading new styles every 1-2 weeks? How will I ever choose? Gah :D

  10. Swan says:

    Hehe. Oh no! I know I probably shouldn’t say that, but there are new styles coming for a bit. They will vary a lot though. These are the sort of cover-everything-model at the basic price. Though the gold is rather posh looking. The next styles are adjustable but pricier. Some more frivolous custom made styles too, so also a bit pricey. And one last adjustable style which will have shiny elastic {that’s all I can give away on that one}. So! If you want a style that is somewhat posh yet basic and adjustable, I would go with this one :)

    And… I’m very glad you like them!

  11. knitgirl says:

    oh my!

    gidde up indeed!!!!

  12. Swan says:

    you’re awesome

  13. kara says:

    My mother has the same fear because she was bit too. These are amazing, the craftmenship looks flawless!

  14. Swan says:

    Really? I think I’ve only talked to one other person who was bitten. Maybe it happens more often than I thought? It was kind of awful. Thanks so much about my work Kara!! I am really happy with them.

  15. sarah says:

    they are GOOOOOORGOOOOOOOOOOUS!!!!! i had such a hard time keeping my big trap shut after seeing them! you are so inspiring lady!

  16. Marieke says:

    You can almost never go wrong with equine imagery. I agree that it’s likely their intimidating nature that makes them so alluring. I also love that you use recycled leather. :) :) :)

  17. Swan says:

    hey sarah! so glad you like them here too. i never show anything to anyone beforehand, afterwards i was like- cat! out! of! bag! but i am very dramatic in my mind. there’s more to come too!

    hi Marieke! so funny going to your blog and seeing Sarah. thanks so much about the pony garters! i’m definitely into just using recycled leather even if it is harder to source.

  18. sarah says:

    no worries, T. i generally let folks let their own kitties out of their own kitty containers. i’m not much of a story breaker. AND i’m super excited to see what’s next!

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  20. Eline says:

    Oh wow, I am so very much in love with these! I seriously can’t wait what else you’ll come up with and I don’t think I even care about the price and maybe want to collect all of your garters by now? But I’ll have to come up with some funds first though that gives me time to ponder what I love most (difficult).

  21. Swan says:

    where are my manners? i thought i had commented back to all of you.

    sarah- xo! and more of that xo

    hannah- thank you!!!

    and Eline! i’m super happy you like these too. i would love that of course, the collecting thing. well i hope i can keep you interested with the new things coming :)

  22. Petra says:

    These are so cool!

  23. Tara says:

    Thanks Petra!

  24. andrea says:

    Okay, now I NEED a pair of vintage black velvet high-waisted short shorts…thrift gods have mercy upon me!

  25. Good find on the vest, tailored pieces from YSL are always gems!

  26. Tara says:

    andrea! yey so nice to see you here. these shorts were really a thrift godsend. they have this great quality of being close fitting but not tight at all. good luck with your quest!

    and h. hi! thanks for dropping by. i found this one on etsy and the price was really low. i don’t even know why it fits well. when it’s off it looks well cut but not outrageously so. but put it on, and it’s like wooosh.

  27. izzy says:

    Awwe! I love the lace suspenders!

  28. admin says:

    aw izzy :) it makes me really happy to see you here. i love that you love them! thanks!

  29. sarah says:

    hey thanks buddy! expect lots more posts avec les suspenders! they’re amazing! great work!

    • Tara says:

      and thank you Sarah! you look great. very super glad you like them. couldn’t be happier that you are the first to get them :)

  30. sarah says:

    i haven’t been on tumblr much but i hope you’re making i tie or a collar! i’m addicted to them! they’re like clothing jewelry! exclamation! emphasis!

  31. Tara says:

    i think you are hot on the track! i just need a moment to get them out. sort of in meltdown from sewing so much.

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  33. knitgirl says:


    congrats lady.

  34. Tara says:

    gosh darnit, thank you :)

  35. Mandy says:

    Wicked, Tara!! What a fabulous shot. :D

  36. Tara says:

    Thanks Miss Mandy :)

  37. Eliz says:

    Woah! Sounds like a fantastic feature, so lovely to hear about the exciting news :)

  38. Tara says:

    hey thanks you two.
    kara, smiles! does that even make sense. i think i mean i am sentimental about our “long term” internet friendship :)

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  40. kara says:

    Tumblr is fun! I like yours a lot.

  41. Tara says:

    I am so addicted. And thanks! That’s weird I thought I was following you. Well I am now! Aren’t those hairstyles amazing? We both have enough hair to do them. I’m not very good with the styled but loose thing. I always do things so tight.

  42. liz says:

    oh thank God. Just recently I decided it was TIME, TIME for sock garters in my life (I wear knee-high socks constantly and am sick of the right one twisting around), and your store was closed!!! but now it’s coming back!!! yes!!!

    also, I love White Lightning.

    Happy New Year to you, too! :)

  43. Tara says:

    Hi Liz! Yes I’m back. Very nice to see you here :)

    I am open in my Etsy store but am waiting to blog and tweet and generally jump up and down once I have my new store loaded up.

    Xo to you!

  44. the pointiness delights me. Im really taken by the picture of them displayed on the shelves. theyre rather poignant as well as pointy. theyre also somewhat religious, sort of crime-scene-nun! im loving the inspiration for these…..but your hair beats everything!

  45. Grysh says:

    Oh I love those collars and cuffs!

  46. Tara says:

    Hi sweet Louise! Your comment makes me laugh. Thank you. I actually cut my hair especially for the photos. And so happy that I succeeded in getting the crime feeling in there. The book I am holding is actually a book from the 70s about Russian churches, maybe adding to the nun feeling. I love that you think that.

    And thank you very much Grysh!

  47. Eline says:

    These are amazing! I seriously love the pointy collars SO MUCH. Ugh, I already know how to wear it if I’d ever own them.

    p.s. I was also wondering if you’re planning on ever making your adjustable pony garters in colours? (You know what a sucker for colour I am :D)

  48. Tara says:

    Hi Eline! Wow, thank you very much!

    The pony garters, I might be able to. It becomes a hunt to find the right size of elastic and then matching leather. And since I only use recycled leather, that can be quite challenging. It was the wrong size but I saw some deep green satin elastic the other day. It was so nice! But I will keep an eye out and see what I can find, it might be really hard for the pony garters I have to admit. Dark green and dark blue and dark red, I would love to find those.

  49. Kathryn says:

    Yes please, I would love to see more!

  50. Tara says:

    Hi Kathryn! I’m so glad I finally have a new scanner. I’ll post more for sure.

  51. Nick Zantop says:

    beautiful…love their hair!

  52. Eline says:

    Yay! Just the other hour I saw lots of these lace things on the flee market and it instantly made me think of you! :D

    By the way, remember when I told you I’d lost my swanclothing sock garters? I’ve relocated them, yay! So happy, just sharing my excitement with you :D

  53. camilou says:

    i love this box too! you have such a keen and unique eye for things, i really want to sit down with you and just chat about so many things… xo

  54. Tara says:

    Hi Eline! It’s so funny because I don’t think of myself as being into lace, and I am obviously am so in to lace! Lace and elastic. Piles of it. I’m so glad you found them :) I hear a few sock garter tragedies. Sock garter tragedies are no good!

    Hi camilou! Thanks. I can’t completely take credit for it because my family has this stuff lying around and I can just borrow it, but I definitely love it. It’s a box for a scale. There is a hole to attach it on the bottom and you close up the box and weigh things. That sounds great, I’d love to chat one day :)

  55. omg, what a great find, I love vintage fashion illustrations from the 70’s, they always drew the prettiest faces!

  56. andrea says:

    Dunno if you got my reply to your comment (I always forget to “subscribe” when I leave comments), but I saw a girl in my tiny NC town of 40,000 wearing your sock garters! There aren’t too many stylish folx around here so it was exciting. :)

    Also, I’m moving soon & need to pare down my collection of craft supplies–could you use any more white vintage lace? I’ve had it forever and can never seem to use it.

    -andrea / mi scusi handmade

  57. andrea says:

    PS- Look at how TINY Isabelle Corey’s waist is in that photo with Brigitte!!

  58. Tara says:

    Oh hey! No I missed it, I’m sorry. I try to keep track and when I subscribe sometimes I get deluged with inbox stuff. Urgh! And really a about my sock garters? That is very crazy and kind of wonderful. I think it is more amazing to think of stuff you make going to tiny places thatn big places but big places are of course cool too.

    I know can you believe the waist situation? It really catches your eye in that photo besides the obvious insane beauty of them.

    Lace?!?!?!? Hang on I’ll be right over… xo :)

  59. Tara says:

    Hi Kennedy :) I’ve made it my twitter background, so it is mainly what I look at now online, and it just makes me feel happy to look at it.

    And alo Miss Vain & Vapid! I have to agree. Delicate, wistful, romantic, and that good stuff.

  60. WendyB says:

    The snail is killing me. I adore.

  61. Great post thanks for sharing! What a wonderful art

  62. Tara says:

    Hi guys :) thanks!

  63. Hey! You haven’t been around the bloggy world much lately – I hope this means the real life world is full of inspiration and love and various other enjoyable distractions! :D
    I didn’t actually get a picture of the butterfly, it flew by too quickly for me to even grab my camera. So my post heading was a little misleading I guess – I just wanted to record that first sighting somewhere :)

  64. B. says:

    I like these collars. the idea is great

  65. Tara says:

    Ugh I just saw this! I’ve been working on spring and filling orders. And seem to be mainly on twitter. But my blog is set to have more postings now, and spring will start rolling out. You know it’s odd but I don’t have a well set up way to follow my favourite blogs. My google reader got so full that everyone gets lost now. I have to sort that out.

    I’m glad that that butterfly is somewhere :) I was looking through all the photos for it. We have tons of birds chirping but haven’t seen any butterflies yet.

  66. knitgirl says:

    …and the boys on motorcycles come out in spring…..oh yes, I see them too. : )

  67. Tara says:

    Is it weird that I wasn’t thinking about the boys on them? I just love the noise of motorcycles. Maybe because you can never see anyone’s faces when they ride.

  68. knitgirl says:

    maybe it’s me who has the issues… spring fever et al….. : )

  69. Tara says:

    Ok, I admit, I do check but you just can’t see anything much. It’s usually the women bikers who you can actually see at all. Long hair that hangs below a helmet and tighter clothes. Men are all there with their beards and sunglasses and piles of usually baggy clothes and what the heck is that all about? There is a growing skinny jean faction of biker boys, or scooter boys really, which is nice. I always notice women bikers too because they are still a bit rare. No matter what, I’m like cooooool.

    Maybe we should hang out one day and just scope bikers. I sent you an email ladykins!

  70. Jimmy K.T. says:

    Peter Pan in butter, yum!

    I’m a big fan of the long pointies, myself. Adorable!

  71. niamh says:

    Oh, how lovely, I am a big fan of detachable collars and these ones are beautiful!

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  73. Tara says:

    I’m so late to reply, but THANK YOU!

  74. niamh says:

    oooh, yum! It looks like licorice.

  75. This striped elastic is glorious! Great find :)

  76. Cammila says:

    Very mysterious! Can’t wait to understand more. I wait with breath that is baited. Also: Crocodiles and Lace sounds like the name of an awesome new indie band.

  77. Tara says:

    These crocodiles are my favourites of all the charms I found. I only have a few. Somehow they go perfectly with peach lace. So funny.

  78. Kara says:

    lace and a mini crocodile….SOUNDS WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to see your new creation!

  79. Cammila says:

    I LOVE your choice of fabrics! These remind me of those old fashioned lace crochet collars you see old patterns for in antique stores. Just gorgeous.

  80. Tara says:

    Hey Kara! So nice to see you. And thank you!

  81. Tara says:

    Thanks very much Cammila!

  82. Berlinboy says:

    Wow! Where is this? Will be in NYC soon and would love to see it. Thanks!

  83. Tara says:

    It’s in Vancouver!

  84. Berlinboy says:

    Well, than my next trip has to be to Vancouver. Very exciting!

  85. camilou says:

    hope the strike doesn’t affect shop action too much… and looking forward to seeing sales and new stuff! i’m praying for a new job soon, which means my one year unemployment stint is almost over and i can actually buy things again… btw any totes in the future? i still kick myself for never have gotten a flower-print one… or a swan one…

  86. Tara says:

    Alo camilou! I hope you are all rested up and better. I do wish the strike would be over soon, it’s awkward to say the least but I’m working with it. Actually I have totes ready to load on the blog. And some other goodies. And… and… more totes for fall. All are quietly and minimally romantic I think you could say. So one way or another you’ll still be able to get your hands on one after your little break there and my little break here. Best to you.

  87. Aja says:

    Oh my word, it’s gorgeous!

  88. camilou says:

    YES! awesome news about the totes… and the new ones you just posted about look gorgeous! looking forward to owning one sometime soon. xo

  89. It’s beautiful! I especially love the detail of how the mobile pocket buttons to the handles. :)

    And an update on how the Twins tote is doing on this side of the Atlantic: it had a nasty run-in with a brand-new green Zara cardigan last week, as the cardigan decided to run on its first wearing and leave green all over my top and the tote, ugh! Luckily I managed to save the bag, only a tiny bit of green remains on the handle, so faint as to be unnoticeable unless one knew to look for it. And of course it badly needed a bath anyway, I just kept putting it off out of laziness. :)

  90. Tara says:

    Thank you very much Aja. Nice to see you here.

    And elle s’ennuie, thank you too. And alo. I’m trying so hard to not use exclamation points (!) Ya I wanted to do a new pocket. It’s the buttons that make me crazy, they are really nice. I think it’s ok if it’s showing wear especially nice green stuff. They do clean up pretty well and can take a pretty heavy duty cleaning. I love to hear bag updates! I think the totes you have of mine may have the best life of any that have gone out into the wilds of the world. I can’t even believe all the endless- here is a butterfly, here are some deer, here are flower and flowers and more flowers, oh here is an abandoned castle. Bit jealous!

  91. Yes! I love your hair! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about getting a perm, I love curly hair so much. The bag is pretty, too :) Thank you for the props! XX

  92. Yeah, I try not to use exclamation marks so much in comments, but it’s so difficult to go without; it’s almost like this type of format of commenting requires them. And the tote really did clean up very well, looked all new afterwards, though I didn’t do anything special, just let it soak a bit in washing powder and warm water (and rubbed off the green bits). Btw, I just put up some more butterfly pics, but I took them before reading your reply here! (That was an entirely appropriate exclamation mark, I believe. :)

  93. knitgirl says:

    hey people. Lockout. Different than a strike. Also…’s over.
    : )

    Send yer wares here and there…… xx

  94. Tara says:

    Hey you :) How come your comment makes me so happy? Ok, yes, I have re-opened, thank you for the boost and I mean that. Wasn’t it a strike initially? My store is like SO OPEN! xo to you

  95. Oh no, the Louche is going extinct! :D Out of curiosity, how many of them are out there in the wild, approximately? :)

  96. Tara says:

    Hey I meant to answer you ages ago. I was kind of wiped out the past few days. But yes kind of! Though it’s mainly this fabric. I’ve never found it again and when I found it I bought as much as I could. It’s so spongy and different than most cotton. So, I will at some point make them in new fabrics again. I could never totally let go of the Louche. I don’t know how many are out there. I could count though… I’ll count at some point :)

  97. Cammila says:

    Wonderful! And bittersweet about the toe — it’s still gorgeous.

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  99. knitgirl says:


    those details = superb!!

  100. Mandy says:

    Oh good heavens Tara, those are fantastic!! I *adore* the laddered ones, they make me swoon. And the photos are stunning as usual. xo

  101. elka says:

    They are so awesome. SO. AWESOME. Want want want want.

  102. Good shoes laces can take a shoe from nice to epic- these ones are absolutely amazing! I love how the metal contrasts with the delicate lace, which is ridiculously pretty. The photos are so lovely too.

    Florrie x

  103. Eline says:

    Gah, I love these so much! And the shoes, socks and garter combo is SO GOOD <3

  104. Oh la la!! J’adore!!!


  105. knitgirl says:

    that grid image is mind boggling.
    might even be dangerous to the health of some sock garter fetishists.
    happy Autumnal vibes!

  106. Tara says:

    Every time I look at this thing it looks crooked to me! But it isn’t. It does hurt the brain. Happy autumnalness lady!

  107. Cammila says:

    My jaw is on the floor. I hope you’re proud. :)

  108. Tara says:

    I was a little surprised when I started putting this together too. Just seeing it this way made me I dunno, understand that I was actually doing something? It’s not all the orders, it’s just some. Sometimes I feel proud :)

  109. Tara says:

    Hello Eline. I thought I answered this but I guess not. Thank you very much!

  110. la mode says:

    great outfit. love your blog!

  111. mode says:

    love your shoes!

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