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Hairstyles, mostly braided, from the 4th to the 15th century.

I photocopied these a few years ago. They are just so beautiful I had to post them. I do have information about some of the individual illustrations. If you are interested just ask.

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Random & inexplicable celebration…

Recently addicted to the UK cop show The Sweeney. And as is my way I ate the whole thing in one huge bite. Blurring my brain with I dunno just days-nights, not work days mind you, of UK 70s copness. {I know I make elegant things but my head is really a chaotic jumble sale of tangled metal chunks and sparkly stuff, I manage to organize it for you with a little curtsy.} I don’t think I’ve seen people have more fun making a tv show. Each episode they seemed to be just at that moment realizing hey we can do whatever we want…
I’ve killed myself trying to find the name of the episode where I took these screenshots but I give. All I can say is, some people really know when that special champagne moment is.

I’m not even going to explain this scene, guess you’ll have to watch the whole series :)

On a somewhat more businesslike note… photos are being taken tomorrow, to add to an already HUGE pile of so called “product shot”, and once those are sorted, fresh and squeaky clean items will go up. And yes, the summer sale I promised you.

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