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The people of SWANclothing.

The SWANclothing team. My mother and I. I’m now less apprehensive of flowers. And my mother grew her bangs out. I love these photos.

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Suspended satin spring… now with giant pink sea snail update.

From the movie Bob Le Flambeur, where Anna (Isabelle Corey) serendipitously wends her way through Pigalle and is briefly a cigarette girl… “So you’ve made it. Music, night clubs, champagne!”

I know they aren’t suspenders but the white satin of her straps really caught my eye. And I think she is actually a flower girl, much nicer than cigarettes. What happened to Isabelle Corey? Why did she only act for 5 years? Does anyone know? Here she is with Bardot.

Which brings me to Snail with Nautilus Shell by Jeremias Ritter c. 1630? A satiny shell? I don’t know, I just love it. I definitely have a thing for satin this summer, more on that soon.

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