SWANclothing + Lace + Aiglets + Charm = SWANclothing Charm Laces

What to say… Three shoots later, I think I am pretty happy with my little pile of pictures here. So I’ve made these laces {if they remind you of something else out there, banish that immediately from your mind} using traditional metal aiglet tips, not plastic! Making them kind of beautiful and real. And as usual searched for all the materials obsessively- nice lace, charms that I love, and the aiglets in 3 metal types. I get brain combustion when I look at the mint diamond deco lace and also the crocodile charms on the peach. Tiny, TINY crocodiles on PEACH lace? How is that not so oddly perfect. I’ve set it up in my shop so that you can mix and match. You can wear these into fall and whenever really. Whenever & forever & as always much xo from me.

P.S. And but of course, this answers that question… What? is? in? the? box? Though I think by now you already knew.

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11 Responses to SWANclothing + Lace + Aiglets + Charm = SWANclothing Charm Laces

  1. knitgirl says:


    those details = superb!!

  2. Mandy says:

    Oh good heavens Tara, those are fantastic!! I *adore* the laddered ones, they make me swoon. And the photos are stunning as usual. xo

  3. elka says:

    They are so awesome. SO. AWESOME. Want want want want.

  4. Good shoes laces can take a shoe from nice to epic- these ones are absolutely amazing! I love how the metal contrasts with the delicate lace, which is ridiculously pretty. The photos are so lovely too.

    Florrie x

  5. Oh la la!! J’adore!!!


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