It’s just a bag. SWANclothing Satin Rose Tote.

A new tote, the Satin Rose. Kinda simple. A rose print jacquard fabric, the palest roses, with a background more like bone. I love stripes especially when they are the reverse of fabric, so I only half  lined the inside of the bag to not cover them. The lining is a heavy linen, in grey or sand. So, half lined with a big inner  pocket. And then a detachable pocket for your cell, it has this sort of sliding opening. In the photos here it’s on the outside but you just toss it inside. And yes, it does still have the embroidered “secret swan”. Both pockets use big vintage mother of pearl buttons, I only have a few of these. I made wide bias tape out of the linen too, the inner hems are finished with them which helps to hold the shape even more. And the inside of the handles are also lined with linen. It’s a quietly special bag, on the outside it’s just a bag, though soft & gorgeous, with nice features hidden inside. If you really wanted to you could carry it inside out. P.S. This bag feels great.

There won’t be many of these available, there’s a really limited amount of the outer fabric and very few of these buttons. Just another work of love and foolishness from me. Hope you like.

As for the postal strike and shop re-opening, I will blog, tweet, facebook and everything else as soon as we are open. And again, thank you very much for your patience.

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5 Responses to It’s just a bag. SWANclothing Satin Rose Tote.

  1. Aja says:

    Oh my word, it’s gorgeous!

  2. It’s beautiful! I especially love the detail of how the mobile pocket buttons to the handles. :)

    And an update on how the Twins tote is doing on this side of the Atlantic: it had a nasty run-in with a brand-new green Zara cardigan last week, as the cardigan decided to run on its first wearing and leave green all over my top and the tote, ugh! Luckily I managed to save the bag, only a tiny bit of green remains on the handle, so faint as to be unnoticeable unless one knew to look for it. And of course it badly needed a bath anyway, I just kept putting it off out of laziness. :)

  3. Tara says:

    Thank you very much Aja. Nice to see you here.

    And elle s’ennuie, thank you too. And alo. I’m trying so hard to not use exclamation points (!) Ya I wanted to do a new pocket. It’s the buttons that make me crazy, they are really nice. I think it’s ok if it’s showing wear especially nice green stuff. They do clean up pretty well and can take a pretty heavy duty cleaning. I love to hear bag updates! I think the totes you have of mine may have the best life of any that have gone out into the wilds of the world. I can’t even believe all the endless- here is a butterfly, here are some deer, here are flower and flowers and more flowers, oh here is an abandoned castle. Bit jealous!

  4. Yes! I love your hair! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about getting a perm, I love curly hair so much. The bag is pretty, too :) Thank you for the props! XX

  5. Yeah, I try not to use exclamation marks so much in comments, but it’s so difficult to go without; it’s almost like this type of format of commenting requires them. And the tote really did clean up very well, looked all new afterwards, though I didn’t do anything special, just let it soak a bit in washing powder and warm water (and rubbed off the green bits). Btw, I just put up some more butterfly pics, but I took them before reading your reply here! (That was an entirely appropriate exclamation mark, I believe. :)

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