Making of the SWANclothing Pony Garters…

Thanks for the nice tweets and comments about the new Pony Garters.  A few people asked about the higher price. We always appreciate all your feedback and questions. So the answer is- sourcing materials {matching all the colours and sizes of sliding hardware, buckles, elastic, garter clips is a mind bender}, sourcing and upcycling the leather especially, the cost of materials {the garter clips on many of our items including these ones are vintage, we order things in from all corners of the planet}. And the time to make them. All our items includes hand sewing.

The Pony garters are a more complicated item than the Standard garter for example, they have 3 times the pieces or more. I will still  keep things in the same price range with the occasional pricier piece.

Below are some of the initial pattern drawings and measurements. It’s odd, being in Canada I was brought up using metric but do use imperial measurements too. You can talk to me in either. Here my notes are in inches…

And my favourite photo…

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2 Responses to Making of the SWANclothing Pony Garters…

  1. Petra says:

    These are so cool!

  2. Tara says:

    Thanks Petra!

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