Welcome to the new SWANclothing blog.

There has been too much to get ready for this new site and my upcoming new items AND keeping up with orders. I want to thank you all for following me at my previous blog for all these years! Four years to be exact. It’s time for a big change and a new blog name. So, welcome to the new SWANclothing blog. SWANclothing WORN BY page, and PRESS are now updated. Remember to change your feeds and links. Thank you for all the years of following and amazing support of SWANclothing and here’s to the future. And it’s gotta be said… much XO

SWANclothing archived since 2005.


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2 Responses to Welcome to the new SWANclothing blog.

  1. *waves* All updated!
    I really like the logo/banner, it looks so – well, just so right. It’s almost like the swan picture is a letter that starts the word.

    • Swan says:

      yey! my 1st comment. nice to see you here elle! i’m so glad you like the banner. it felt kind of right to me too. and i made everything lego big so it looks nice on iPhones etc too. making the swan the s is definitely something i will do some day, i’ve tried it but couldn’t get it right. nice to see you!

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