SWANclothing closed, at least for now.

Hi everybody. Just a quick note to say all is well, but SWANclothing is closed (as in on vacation), at least for now. You can still reach me through email. And all orders are going out as per usual.


P.S. Store will re-open January 14th.

Horse power, air castles, chocolate mousse, frozen roses and vintage loveliness.

Oh look, I’m blogging, again. It took me a moment but here are some photos from a nice day last week in Vancouver, and the clothes I wore. Now it’s snowing and freezing, at least freezing for here.

There is so much goodness in this photo. Very amazing vegan chocolate mousse {so good}, a fleet of white SUVs and an air castle with doozers in action! {Tiny person on the right.} I couldn’t believe how they were sliding around on this tent, like sliding around on a giant marshmallow, so amazing. The spines on that thing. And it was goldenhour, I got lucky and was pretty happy about all this.

I couldn’t find roses in sunshine at all. So here they are behind glass, basking in the glory of fluorescents which I also love.

C’est moi.

Some favourite things. Handmade vintage sweater I just thrifted in chocolate brown. Black glazed elephant vase. Vintage brown suede and black leather brogues. Pale pink lacy Victorian blouse used in a SWANclothing shoot about a year ago. Bloodmilk blood and thistle ring. Vintage rosebud in lucite necklace. And oh my god, so LONG overdue for a photo of my vintage black velvet mini knapsack from Yeye vintage, with BIG tassel and edged in satin braid. And rose anklet stockings.


And yes it is actually Cavalia. But it’s an air castle to me.


Can we keep it? I love this thing. And that fleet of white SUVs are Telus SUVs I think.

I love this sweater. Hand knits are the nicest.

More trapped roses. A terrible thing. Somebody save them.

Close-up on Bloodmilk blood and thistle ring and vintage rosebud in lucite necklace.

Bye for now.

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